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“The photo says more than a thousand words.” Explore abandoned places with Abandoned Places. Explore one abandoned place with Abandoned Places today.

Abandoned Places - A History of the Urbex ★★★★★

Urbex has become a popular modern day activity with some call the fascination of exploring these forgotten places an obsession. The Urbex channel is the best source for abandoned places with exploration guides, tips, and ideas. Find out more about what urbex is and find out the history of the places around the world.

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Find out what really happens in abandoned places.

Explore Abandoned Places with Vigorous Taste. Our mission is to share the different hidden parts of our world with the people.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

Explore abandoned places with the power of the internet.

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Explore abandoned places with Abandoned Places.

Our content includes stories about lost places that were forgotten by society. Our goal is to push this interest in history and our abandoned places into the future.

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Launch the exploration app for urbex

The Abandoned and Lost Places category includes a wide range of abandoned and historical locations from all around the world. Lovers of abandoned places, urban explorers, historians and photographers all find enjoyment exploring these sites.

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What would you do if you could go back in time?

A collection of essays on urban exploration, exploring abandoned places, tagging, and urban decay.

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Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe

These are some of the most abandoned places in the world ...

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Abandoned places can be found just about anywhere

Explore abandoned and abandoned places around Europe.

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The adventures of a historian- Join us ★★★★☆

Within the first year of opening, the Abandoned Places Gallery quickly became one of the most visited buildings in Paris, with 12,000 visitors a month coming to see the stories of emptiness and opportunities.

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Explore abandoned places around Europe

Abandoned places are fascinating places to visit, but also great places to spend time writing letters to the city's unknown past...

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⚠️ Subjects for Abandoned Places ⚠️

Take off with Abandoned Places - Pictures, Journals, and History of Urban Exploration.

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Abandoned Places - A Look Inside Abandoned Places

Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration of photos.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Join the world on the hunt for forgotten places and abandoned places. See new discoveries and search engine on Abandoned Places on Instagram and Urban Explorers on Facebook.

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Explore Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

Exploring abandoned places, abandoned buildings or anything mysterious is a fun endeavor. With the growth of the photographic medium, more and more people are getting into this field of photography. In this post, we explore a few places for abandoned places and urban exploration.

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