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Check out what it's like inside the biggest Cold War-era bunker in Berlin

See abandoned bunker nearly 100 years old ★★★☆☆

Uncover part of the sprawling abandoned nuclear bunker and see the inside of the vast underground complex for.

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They explore abandoned bunkers around the world.

These three teens hang out with a group of urban explorers as they cruise through a closed World War II bunker.

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✮ Cold War Bunker Discovered ✮

Unlock your dark desire - explore this Cold War abandoned nuclear bunker in Prague, Czech Republic. See it for yourself on this one of a kind adventure of the unknown.

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Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

This is your chance to gaze into the unknown and unlock its secrets. See what happened and what still goes on today in the many abandoned bunkers and fortresses of the former Eastern Block.

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Abandoned Bunkers Around the World

This article gets you up close and personal with one of the most bizarre outposts of war during the darkest days of the Second World War. Located in the dense, forsaken forests of East Prussia, this abandoned bunker is the epitome of the "hidden treasures" of the Second World War.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places Europe

Since 2013, Cold War Bunker has been posting a unique, insightful, and fascinating story told through photographs and text of abandoned Cold War bunker sites that are around the world.

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A photo tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites

A bunker where you and your loved ones can live the way you want the rest of your life.

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World War 2 & Cold War Bunker Exploration ★★★★★

Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers, in all their glory. Found in dreadful conditions.

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Explore WWII bunkers, Cold War bunkers, and more

The Cold War was the scariest timeline. Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is a photographic journey through these sites. Follow the lonesome path of the Cold War through abandoned cities.

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☣️ Check out photos of the bunker site ☣️

A large majority of the bunkers remain uninhabited.

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History Bunker and Lost Places Around Europe

An in a heavily wooded area in a Norwegian National Park, a group of urban explorers discovered a bunker dating back to the Second World War. The group managed to make their way into the rather large wooden construction and discover lots of abandoned military equipment. The explorers were, however, evacuated from the site before they could really explore all of the potential in the bunker.

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Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ☣️

Ever been curious about abandoned bunkers from the Cold War from a point of history perspective? I have! I have been talking to author of the book, Legacy of Secrecy, Terry Walsh about some of these places and what these buildings used to be used for, and he's been answering a lot of my questions.

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Abandoned Bunker - Stradun, Zagreb, Croatia ★★★★☆

images show that in Europe in streets, World War 2 bunkers are lying abandoned.

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Historic Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★★☆

Break into the world of underground exploration with this game that tells the second-by-second tale of exploring that abandoned bunker.

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Explore 4 abandoned bunker around Europe ★★★☆☆

Explore the Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker in Wakefield, MA.

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Bunker is embedded within the city of Ivano ★★★★☆

The bunker, an old Soviet building near the Red Line, was designed for top secret military meetings by Aesguita Kuznetsova. Four years ago, Kuznetsova was living in Moscow. A visit to underground Moscow enthralled her, and she was inspired to go into urban exploration.

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Abandoned and Lost Bunker Locations Around Europe

Here is a photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunkers from Eastern Europe to the former Soviet Republics of the Former Soviet Union.

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Abandoned bunker and lost places around Europe ☣

I went looking for abandoned war bunkers in Germany. I discovered their beauty and captured these stunning images.

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See abandoned bunker nearly 100 years old ★★★☆☆

Urban Exploration in an Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker.

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Weatherproof the rest of your bunker ★★★★☆

Images show the World War 2 bunkers, which are abandoned under Europe Streets.

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Military places bunker particularly underground ☣

Hidden away in a sleepy village 2 hours north of Stockholm this is a Cold War abandoned bunker, featuring a pathless forest floor with a padded floor to walk on without breaking a sweat, up to about 15 meters from the bunker. Visitors enter the bunker from outside, and walk through a maze of corridors, tubes, and bunkers before reaching the very deepest segment.

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⛔ Urban exploration in a Cold War bunker ⛔

The purpose of this channel is to raise awareness to the various sites of World War II bunkers around Europe where this devastating impact still lingers. The bunkers show the struggle from the enemies point of view who were fighting unsuccessfully to take Europe at that time.

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☢️ Explore abandoned bunkers and lost places ☢️

On their tour of New York, they stumble upon a hidden bunker at the base of a mountain. It's a fascinating find, but one they know they can't share their findings with an eager public. It comes with a compromise-- they have to.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places Europe

Consisting of a large concrete missile Proof bunker from the cold war.

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World War 2 bunkers used to protect from bombs Ⓐ

Create a website that features a unique photographic tour of abandoned cold war bunkers, then include a module that tags cell phone photos with coordinates for them to become a geotag on the website.

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Bunker sites for Cold War Era

Abandoned World War 2 bunkers currently lie abandoned under Europe Streets.

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⚛️ Bunkers, Cold War, and More ⚛️

The bunker includes a bedroom, office, and kitchen.

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☣️ Secret bunkers were common during WW2 ☣️

Northern Poland is a Treasure trove of abandoned WWII bunkers.

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Haunting photos of abandoned WWII bunkers ★★★★★

A mobile app that shows you what you can see from a balcony of a bunker.

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From The History Of Cold War Bunker's, ★★★★☆

Explore 10,000 more abandoned and rumored Cold War locations of more than 170 countries and territories on the Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites app. Discover the sites of Egypt, USSR, Egypt, Egypt ...

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Images of abandoned World War II bunkers

On the outskirts of Kofferow, Poland near the border to Belarus, there are signs of an unquiet past. Here and there abandoned concrete bunkers poke out of the snow, all of them derelict and cold. This site, and others like it, was once home to a once-opulent and powerful military complex and the wait to see what doesn’t wait: life, death and history.

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Military bunker were common thing during WW2

A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites.

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pictures show abandoned bunkers on Europe Streets

As the world recovers from World War II, people are learning more about the hidden bunkers that didn’t make it out of the war alive. Google’s Street View technology provides a virtual tour of their interiors and even some exploring.

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Urban explorers found a WWII bunker.

For a year, a group of urban explorers explored a WWII bunker in Czechoslovakia.

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We re opening a secret passage in a bunker! ★★★☆☆

Places are great for memories, whether happy or sad memories. This is the case with these beautiful images taken inside abandoned bunkers during Cold War era. ✨.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe in depth

Explore abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers, make a wish from the top of the bunkers.

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☭⃠ A cold war bunker in the United States ☭⃠

Nuclear bunkers take different shapes and sizes, but each hold a secret. These places seem to have been spared from radiation, although those lucky enough to visit this deathly quiet places might be angry at their luck.

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Europe Streets Uncovered Wartime Bunkers ★★★★★

Freelance photographer exploring abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites.

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Explore abandoned World War II bunkers

Have you explored abandoned Cold War Bunker sites?.

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Abandoned Bunker in the UK ★★★☆☆

City streets hide the former bunkers from World War 2.

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Explore the Cold War and WW2 Underground Bunker

This abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker is one of the most unique excavations excavations I’ve ever seen. Stepping into the dark, hissing belly of the missile silo/nuclear bunker is like finding an alien spaceship. And if you.

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Abandoned bunker and lost places around Europe

The average person probably doesn’t get to explore caves, but there are thousands of abandoned caves all across the world. The latest caves to be discovered are the eerie remains of a World War II bunker.

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⛔ Urban exploration in a Cold War bunker ⛔

This nuclear bunker was abandoned in the 1980s and is now open for exploration for those who dare to do so. Complete with old rockets and planes, sun drenched warehouses, and the eerie feeling of the unknown.

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Abandoned bunker and lost places around Europe ☣

Images of World War 2 bunkers lie abandoned beneath Europe Streets.

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Looking for abandoned bunkers anywhere in Europe.

Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites - A photographic tour for the site.

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Take a tour inside a nuclear bunker in Serbia ⚛️

Explore abandoned bunker sites around the world with this unique photographic tour album.

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⚛ Cold War bunkers in Europe ⚛

The pocket size Abandoned Places doesn't just explore World War II abandoned bunkers, caves, mines, and tunnels in Europe, it also explores the wartime relationships, surprisingly rich in this period when relationships were often destroyed by the values of war.

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The bunker is on the East German coast ★★★★☆

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. They are the many stories of the last days of the war, what happened immediately after it ended, and what this era of history has left behind. Discover stories of how the war affected people.

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Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

World War II Abandoned Places explores the remains of bunkers and other notable ruins from World War II, and shares many incredible and little-known stories surrounding their construction.

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History of Abandoned WWII Bunkers ★★★☆☆

This site is an example of an abandoned Cold War bunker site.

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